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Message #1 Posted by Jim Kimes on 23 Sept 2001, 10:56 a.m.

I recently purchased a 10BII and had to return it because the FV key stuck. I returned it and tried another and found the same flaw in the 2nd unit. Before learning of the flaw, I had recommended the unit to about 130 of my financial management students. Many of them found the FV key to stick as well as other flaws. I was terribly disappointed in the product. It does not have the feel of all other HP's I have. It has a real tinny feel to it. I elected not to buy another 10BII. I have one 10B and I've enjoyed it, but I'm afraid they may soon be out of print due to the 10BII. I am reluctant to recommend the 10BII in the future for obvious reasons. So, if any of you decide to buy a 10BII, my advice is to check the keys--all of them--before you leave the store. And be sure to hold on to your receipt, you may have to return it. I doubt if I just ran across a bad batch. I believe HP switched vendors with the 10BII and that could have made all the difference. Good luck.

Re: HP-10BII
Message #2 Posted by on 25 Sept 2001, 5:26 a.m.,
in response to message #1 by Jim Kimes

You may want to recommend the 12C, as long as it is stil for sale...

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