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Re: HP-33E Parts
Message #1 Posted by Tony Duell (UK) on 6 Sept 2001, 8:59 p.m.

I can assure you that I found it a lot easier to solder to the joints on the PSU board than to attempt to solder to the end of the broken flexistrip. The former produced a reliable repair. As for the switch, I've never actually worked on a 33E, but I have my notes on the 32E to hand, and the switch on that model connects 3 pads together as I described in an earlier message. The switch on the 33C does as well, so I think it's a good bet that the 33E is similar. And I still don't see how a short or open on the battery flexiprint could make the machine power up when the switch is 'off', assuming the switch is working properly.

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