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HP42S vs HP48G+
Message #1 Posted by Bill on 4 May 2001, 4:46 p.m.

HP42S vs HP48G+

I would like to buy a HP48 to replace my late HP42S but I have a few questions. Can the HP48…Can variables (MVAR) have more than one letter? · Does an equation have to equal 0 in the Solver mode? · In the non-graphing mode, is the speed similar to the HP42S? · Does the stat function include “best fit” in curve fitting? · What is the learning curve for non-graphing function? · Last, can the variables be set up as soft keys like the HP42S?

Thank you

Re: HP42S vs HP48G+
Message #2 Posted by Ron Ross on 4 May 2001, 5:21 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by Bill

Yes to nearly all your questions. The 48 is a step up from the 42s. Actually a big step. It has all the features of the 42 plus the ability to download gobs and gobs of software for whatever branch of work you may be in. It is superior to the 42 in every way but ONE.

The 48 doesn't fit in your pocket quite as nicely as a 42.

A 48 sits on my desk only because it has multitudes of conversions and easily downloadable programs. My 42 stays home where it is safe. If I had to choose one over the other, weeeell, my hp42 is home safe and my 48 lays out where someone could concievably upgrade from a four function calc.

If you don't need trig functions or matrix capabilies, the Hp17bII is RPN/algebraic selectable with a clock and 7 K RAM with HP solve (in algebraic, just key in eq like textbook). It does have stat and linear forcasting similiar to 42s and is in the same type case.

The Hp19B also has trig and units conversions plus everything the Hp17b has.

$ wise the Hp48G+ is the best buy for functions and capability, but it is bulky (so is the Hp19 but not quite as much).

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