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Re: HP-67 Repair Success!
Message #1 Posted by David Smith on 1 May 2001, 6:38 p.m.

I have a piece of silicone rubber tubing from around 1970 installed in a piece of test equipment. Still looks and works fine even though it has seen some nasty environments.

I have never had much success with the o-rings. They generally seem to pinch the card too tight. Also you need to use two of them and the little "rolling pin" seems to want to work its way between them and push them apart so that they drag on the side of the mechanism.

Silicone fuel line is the way to go... you just have to be careful to find some that is round and has a round, well centered hole. This can be difficult. Of the 10 different types available in local hobby shops all were oblong or off center.

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