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Here's some heartening news...
Message #1 Posted by Matt Kernal (US) on 23 Apr 2001, 1:52 a.m.

Even if today's Hewlett Packard company isn't making the groundbreaking calculators that used to stir such intense loyalty and pride within their owner's (while also being so devistating to the competition), I am encouraged that an HP executive has "flat out denied any knowledge that the calc division would be shut down", according to an HP insider named David C. Jones.

See the following URL for more info about Mr. Jone's reassuring conversation:

Not to be naive, but as long as HP continues to manufacture calculators, I am still hopeful that something exiciting can emerge from somewhere within HP; especially if the right person/people were to spearhead a move to provide the resources and backing to rekindle the spirit within HP's engineers to "Invent" a new machine that would blow away anything in it's path, just as Mr. Packard forsaw in the HP 35.

It's OK to dream, Matt

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