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One More Message...Communication is worthwhile
Message #1 Posted by Dan M on 21 Feb 2001, 5:46 p.m.

Sorry to come off as offended, my last message should have had a big "smiley" at the end of it. You were totally right in pointing out what the calculator does, I was mostly upset at not realizing it myself or at least wording what it does in a poor manner. Communication is worthwhile.

No offense taken, and I will continue to provide input to this forum whenever I feel that I have a positive or at least interesting contribution to make.

In the end, I do believe that Romeo had his questions answered.

In a related but not totally related line, I am actually growing more fond of the 32sii as I continue to use it. Perhaps in some twisted way, HP views the 32sii (and 48 and 49) as more than an adequate range of RPN calculators for us old-fashioned people who do not "work" math problems the way that some people would write them down on paper.

It's still weird to me that this reasonably good calc (32sii) manages to survive from 1987 (copyright date on back), where the much better calc (42s) is long gone.

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