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what else?
Message #1 Posted by db on 27 Jan 2001, 6:21 p.m.

i've been thinking about getting a 32. i don't need it but just as a toy. i'll use the 41 for real stuf. what mail order place has the best price for a new one of these? and while were at it, the 12c too - some buisness type might be thinking along these lines. btw; has anyone seen the new tds ranger? i guess that after selling a bunch of 41's, 48's, 95's and 200's for hp (and husky fs3's)and never knowing when the platform was going to be obsoleted, they took the bull by the horns and built thier own. i wish them luck but now they will only have themselves to blame if the program dosn't work. they might look at thier coustomer service philosophy too. it's a pretty impressive unit on the paper blurb i got; 320x240 touch screen, carbon fiber shell, nimh batteries that run 40 hours on a charge, ir, 9 & 26 pin ports, 32 mb ram with flash disk for data storage. not bad for a handneld that runs at 192 mhz and uses windows. i can't tell for sure what kind of keyboard it has. there is some info at its not set up as a calculator as is, and god only knows what language you use to program it but at least someone is trying to take up the high end torch.

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