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12C Problem
Message #1 Posted by John B. on 2 Jan 2001, 8:55 a.m.

I purchased my 12C over 16 years ago. I turned it on a week ago and there was no display. I was not warned of a low battery charge before this event. I decided to replace the batteries and the calculator did not turn on immediately after; rather, it began to work a few hours later. Even though it worked, an asterik was flashing in the lower, left corner of the display. Today, nothing happens except when I lay it flat; and the only thing that appears (very faintly) in the display is 219,00 with the flashing asterik.

Any immediate help or comments are greatly appreciated. I would hate to replace this 12c if all that is required is a quick fix. Thank you!

Re: 12C Problem
Message #2 Posted by on 3 Jan 2001, 2:48 a.m.,
in response to message #1 by John B.


Seems to be a power problem.

a) clean up the contacts, with a rubber for example. b) clean up the contats of your batteries. They should be immaculated. c) should the problem persist, test your batteries, there is a chance that they ar not as good as you think they are (LR44)

Good luck !

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