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Re: HP-41 program.
Message #1 Posted by Randy Smith (Germany) on 26 Dec 2000, 7:23 a.m.

The way to "eat" the 1 for the "1 E4" program line on the 41 is with synthetic programming. When programs had to be as small as possible, an extra byte here and there made quite a bit of difference. There are some good books out there about synthetic programming but they are getting harder and harder to find. The card reader user's guide also has a list of equivalent commands for "7xxx" lines in programs. Having that list makes it easy to translate 67/97 programs into 41 programs. This was added to the card reader so you could use 67/97 cards in the 41. The only difficulty will be if you run into a feature of the 67/97 that was not carried over into the 41, rapid reverse branching. If that is in a 67/97 program the translation is much more difficult. Luckily for me the 2 programs I have translated to 41 have not had that. I hpe at least some of this helps. Randy

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