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Differences in HP-65s
Message #1 Posted by Matthew Riehl on 7 Aug 2000, 6:15 p.m.

Has anyone else noticed differences in HP-65s?  I was looking over my first one and one
recently acquired and noticed several differences.

These are the things that I noticed:

Older Calc: Serial Number 1333A136XX Serial # Tag Location Inside of the battery compartment Back label Shows "MADE IN U.S.A., PATENT PENDING, 3.75V 500mW" (like museum photo) Label between bottom feet Hewlett Packard name & voltage/mWatt info (like museum photo) Yellow keyboard labels Smaller than the painted on yellow "------- CLEAR -------" legend Labeling above A -> E keys Larger with a more ivory color, same with OFF/ON and PRGM/RUN labels, almost a painted-on appearance

Newer Calc: Serial Number 1608S016XX Serial # Tag Location Between bottom feet Back label Shows "MADE IN SINGAPORE BY HEWLETT PACKARD PATENT PENDING, 3.75V 500mW" Label between bottom feet Serial number tag Yellow keyboard labels Larger than the painted on yellow "------- CLEAR -------" legend Labeling above A -> E keys Smaller a more delicate look to them. Easier to see injection molding lines.

My earlier one appears to look more like the one on this HP Museum site <>. The later one can be seen at <> and <>. The differences are obviously more apparent when the calculators are sitting side by side.

Would these differences be just due to the different manufacturing location or would they show some slight modification to the calculator (i.e. different verions)? After studying the two, I can now recognize the two different tpyes even on eBay ads.

I would be interested in hearing other peoples ideas on this.

Matt Riehl

Re: Differences in HP-65s
Message #2 Posted by John Robinson on 8 Aug 2000, 3:09 a.m.,
in response to message #1 by Matthew Riehl

I noticed there's a 65 on ebay at the moment with two serial numbers. My guess is that it's machine made of parts from both versions of the 65.

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