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ebay sellers that are scum
Message #1 Posted by Ron Ross on 30 June 2000, 9:05 p.m.

I propose that we start a list of less than honorable ebay sellers so that we can better judge the quality of their calculators though our experience rather than trust their greedy overzealous descriptions of previous calcs and rip off collector after collector. I admit this may not be fair to some sellers but may be our only defense against sellers such some of our regulars have run up against. If some one is put on this list and feels wronged we can let people who know one or both judge to keep a name on the list. I rather doubt that we will have such a problem amoung ourselves. This will alert ourselves as to repeat scoundrals ripping off visitors to this site. We should remember to express opinions only and not slander any well wishing scumbag lowlife ripoff artist such as a few of us have discovered.

Re: ebay sellers that are scum
Message #2 Posted by Carlos Tolossa on 1 July 2000, 11:05 a.m.,
in response to message #1 by Ron Ross

Great idea Ron, this could be a great beginning. I propose a different approach, we should start by making up a list of good collectors known here at MoHPC as well as on Ebay, once we’ve accomplished that, we can gather names, email addresses and nicknames of “scumbag lowlife ripoff artists” known to us. Then we can circulate this “black list” among ourselves. From the legal stand point, this is safer than posting and making public someone’s name and/or email address on this website.

*This will also minimize the problem of sellers manipulating their own auctions by shilling. *Sniping will also be reduced, we can be more considerate to collector friends if we know them by nickname or email address. *We can become a tighter community, selling, buying or trading on this website. *Sellers will come to us, to this website and prices can be negotiated better. *As a personal experience, my best buys have come from private deals and collector friends.


I am fairly new to Ebay as well as to MoHPC however, I’ve been collecting and exchanging HP-CALCS privately for a few years. I have noticed that there is a small group of Ebay sellers out there willing and able sell their junk to us and, they know we pay almost any price. If by change one of us run into a scumbag, we can be taken for a few hundred dollars, e.i; It isn’t fourty or sixty dollars for an old HP-29C (like it was two years back). An inaccurately advertised HP-XX can easily exceed $400.00, At the rate this prices are moving, we need to start looking for better ventures.

ANY OTHER POSIBILITIES ? Hope I didn’t open a can of worms.

Re: ebay sellers that are scum
Message #3 Posted by Thibaut on 2 July 2000, 12:25 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by Ron Ross


I totally agree with you.

Just wanted to add this : a kind of chart amongst us that would oblige the members to post an add for HP items for sale here for 7 days before listing them on ebay : to leave the chance to MoHPC's to buy it at a reasonnable price.

My first contribution to the black list : Raul Orellana,

Re: ebay sellers that are scum
Message #4 Posted by Frank Knight on 5 July 2000, 2:20 p.m.,
in response to message #3 by Thibaut

OKAY Comments, comments, Listing here first is a good idea, and for the most part I have done so, and will continue to do so, however, many times this brings very low offers if offers come at all following the transmittal of reams of information to answer every conceivable question for a 5$ offer (slight exaggeration here, but only slight), but one must support the collector cause. I don't mind giving a fellow collector a fair to good deal, but I don't plan to sell at 75% or below of the "market" value set by ebay buyers (including ourselves), only to see it appear on ebay a little later. Trades are even better for both parties here. As many know from buying and selling on both forums, the stuff on ebay is risky, but most often brings a much higher price than known quality offering would here. Must be the thrill of competing! ;+}

Re: ebay sellers that are scum
Message #5 Posted by Dave Huff on 5 July 2000, 11:31 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by Ron Ross

C'mon guys. I really don't think we need to post a list to this site for "bad ebay dealings". Ebay has already thought of that. It's called the feedback forum. You always look at it BEFORE you make your bid. A while back you were not required to post the item # with the feedback, but now you are. So, if somebody misrepresents an auction, then try to rectify the situation and if you can't then use the feedback forum to everybodys advantage. I have bought a few things on ebay, stayed up late and sniped once or twice. At the same time, I have been sniped many times. But if you really think about it, then sure, we could all bid with several days left in an auction, and the price would continue to rise. If you are a collector, isn't that to your advantage? And as far as notifying other collectors in private just exactly what amount you think is fair to bid on an item, I guess that would work also, but please, don't try that at a real auction!

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