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hp41 simulator -great
Message #1 Posted by paul w on 28 May 2000, 10:19 p.m.

hey all

i was just browsing through this great musuem site and found the calculator simulator page and lo and behold it contains the famous hp41. well i downloaded it and its working fine on my desktop. this simulator/emulator at first glance appears very user friendly (ive only used it for a minute or two) its been years since ive had a 41 (my last one had an unfortunate meeting with a bulldozer on a building site and i had to dig it up with a shovel. my next calculator was the hp42s another fine calculator (i recently sold it to a friend for $50 ) i saw its limitations in that it only had 7k memory and no i/o device or connection. neither the 41 or 42 prepared me for my next purchase the hp48gx. wow its a massive leap but if you have the time and enthusiasm (to program it) its well worth it.


paul w

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